Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Commercial

Ellen’s remake of the commercial made the product more memorable to me due to her unique humor. She had great timing and eating brownies in the commercial makes the commercial have a new feature that the original did not have – comedy. I thoroughly enjoy Ellen DeGeneres’s style, so I thought her teasing of Matthew McConaughey was hilarious. I was first drawn in to the commercial because of Ellen’s presence in the commercial. Because she is a comedian I trust, that celebrity made a difference in enjoying the story of the commercial. If Ellen had not satirized the Lincoln commercial, I would have not noticed the commercial because I am not interested in cars. Thus, Ellen’s play of McConaughey and the commercial’s story draws in a new audience to Lincoln. I now have a more positive feeling towards Lincoln simply because I enjoyed Ellen’s version of its commercial. Thus, it remains a popular clip and commercial because Ellen brought her own style and name to the product.

Watch the video here.

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