Who inspires me as a communicator?

Growing up in ABC’s newsroom, I have witnessed several powerful storytellers. From Peter Jennings to Diane Sawyer, the anchors of ABC World News Tonight have been the voices of reason of the world’s chaos. My family comes together each evening to learn our news of the day at ABC. David Muir is an inspiration to me because I have grown up watching ABC’s newsroom.
As I’ve become more focused on communication for myself, Muir has become a voice of news that I trust. His work exploring major events all over the world is inspiring because he has put his life into his work. In addition, I have always been impressed by the amount of languages he can speak. I have always thought this skill shows Muir’s dedication to connecting to the global world, and engaging through people’s cultures with language. As the main anchor for the program, Muir has become a mentor for me on how to convey news, and I will always view Muir as a high example of someone I should strive to be.

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